Twist-and-Pull is a fun project with no research value. The rocket was made from a mailing tube plus odds and ends lying around the worksthop. Total cost about $10 bucks!


Rough cutting the fins from a sheet of 6" wide furnature quality pine.

Sanding the airfoil.

Drilling holes for pins.

Pins (1.5" nails), airframe, and fins

Inside view

Glue, fillets, and the fin alignment jig

The nosecone was made by gluing together layers of cedar and then turning on a lathe. Cedar is only a little heavier than balsa, but much sturdier. The tip is machined alumunum.




A Rocketflite H220 Silver Streak motor is a perfect choice for flying on a gray and overcast day in the Midwest. The bright sparks looked awesome against the dark sky.