Experimental Rocketry

Most of the projects on this page describe the design, construction, and flight of an
N2O hybrid rocket. A few other topics are included.

Rocket Development

  1. Solus-N... Working page.. A minimum diameter N hybrid. Click
    Flight report from 04/2013 coming soon

  2. Ugly-N - UglyGreen rocket modified to fly with an "M" class Nitrous/PVC rocket motor.
    Electronics include an R-DAS, a Perfectflite miniTimer, and a BigRedBee GPS. Click

  3. Small Step - A minimum diameter, scratch built K rocket Click

  4. Twist-and-Pull - A very small scratch built rocket... just for the fun of it. Click

  5. UglyGreen - Test the electronics and recovery in a low/slow flying rocket.
    Electronics include an R-DAS, a Perfectflite miniTimer, and a BigRedBee GPS.
    The rocket is a slightly modified Wildman Extreme kit. Click

Motor Development

  1. Darwin - a Nitrous and Acrylic bench top rocket motor Click

  2. Ignitor work:
    February test (02/2013): Click
    December test (12/2012): Click
    November test (11/2012): Click
    October test (10/2012): Click
    Failure to light (10/2012): Click

  3. Another slow motion ignitor video. Watch video.

  4. Hot weather test. Motor failed to light but the tank pressure did stabilize to 400 PSI as designed. (07/2012) Click

  5. Another successful static test (02/2012) of the flight configuration M motor
    with a camera strapped to the motor itself. Click

  6. First static test of a flight configuration M motor. Click
    Slow motion video of an igniter. Watch video.

  7. Another successful static test on the horizontal test stand. Click

  8. A new horizontal test stand. Successful static test on the new test stand. Click

  9. First static test on the vertical test stand. Click

  10. The beginning (04/2011) - General description of a hybrid rocket motor,
    pictures of first-attempt hardware, and pictures of a vertical test stand. Click


  1. A simple homemade fin can Click
  2. A simple homemade nosecone Click
  3. A simple homemade parachute Click

  4. FAR Test Site, Mojave California, June 2013:
    Flight test of a large LOX-Ethanol liquid rocket: Click
    Static test of a large sugar motor (Sugar Shot to Space): Click
    The Facility Itself: Click

  5. GPS locator and tracking by BigRedBee. Click

  6. Balls 2011

  7. Test of an active pressure regulator on the N2O tank. Click

  8. Design for high strength tie-downs. Designed and built but not used. Click

  9. Todd Moore's HDAS Spreadsheet for simulating hybrid motor performance. HDASv1.6.xls