Garvey, CSULB, NASA Launch

At the FAR Test Site in June, Garvey Spacecraft Corporation (GSC), California State University at Long Beach (CSULB), and NASA launched a large liquid fueled liquid bi-propellant rocket named Prospector 18D. P-18 is the latest in a series of Garvey/CSLUB test vehicles that are establishing the foundation for an operational nano-sat (small satellite) launch vehicle.

Propulsion was provided by a liquid oxygen (LOX) and Ethanol (EtOH) bi-propellant rocket motor. The rocket motor provided approximately 4,500 lbs force for 12 seconds. Four small cube shaped satellites measuring 4" on a side and weighing approximately 2 pounds were flown and recovered.





The parachute deployed early causing the rocket to tumble and land on its side. The hard landing is not considered a setback according to project members. The four payloads successfully performed their experiments and were recovered afterwards.

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