SS2S Static Test, June-2013 FAR Test Site

I am strictly a spectator and a fan of Sugar Shot to Space. I was invited to watch their June static test at the FAR Test Site.

Sugar Shot to Space (SS2S) is an attempt to reach space, 100km, using a "sugar" rocket motor. Sugar is an old, simple, and inexpensive formula. The SS2S motor is a mixture of potassium nitrate, Sorbitol, and additives.

To optimize the flight profile, multiple stages are frequently used. SS2S attmepts to combine two stages into one motor. In this test, the lower chamber contained two 6" Bates sugar grains. At the top of the lower chamber resides a bulkhead. Beyond the bulkhead is the second stage which contained one 6" Bates sugar grain. The motor case is 6" Schedule 10 steel pipe. Total propellant weight is 45 lbs, more or less.


Lower chamber ignitor is an Estes rocket motor.

To the Test Stand

Frame by Frame Sequence


by mojaverockets